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Private Music Lessons for Children and Adults

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Looking for Music Lessons or Dance Classes here in New Orleans?

Ready to take music lessons in a professional and fun school teaching environment?


If you are looking for private music lessons or dance classes in the New Orleans, LA area, we're ready to help you! Since it's inception in 1978, the River Ridge School of Music and Dance has provided music and dance instruction to tens of thousands of students.


The school of music and dance is the largest, private school of music and dance in the city of New Orleans with the greatest selection of program offerings under one roof!


Our University Degreed, New Orleans based music and dance instructors offer Private Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Voice Lessons, Violin Lessons, Drum Lessons, Trumpet Lessons, Saxophone Lessons, Composition Lessons, Music Theory, Preschool Music Classes, Ballet Classes, Hip Hop Classes, Jazz Classes, Tap Classes, Creative Movement Classes, and more! Our teachers are able to teach a variety of music styles including classical, jazz, rock, rnb, contemporary, christian, bluegrass, funk, and more. Wherever your interests lie, we're ready to get you started in Music Lessons or Dance Classes in New Orleans.


All of our Faculty members are carefully selected during the interview process for their abilities to inspire, motivate, have fun, and work with children and adult students from beginning to advanced levels.


When is the Best Age to Get Started in Music Lessons or Dance Classes?


Our youngest students can get started with our Mini Mozarts Music Class as young as just a few weeks old or in our Parent and Tot Dance class as soon as they are walking! Ages 4-5 are the youngest that we recommend beginning any kind of private music lessons as these are the ages that children typically begin to have longer attention spans and can more readily retain information that is presented to them.


Our private music lessons here at our New Orleans campus start at the age of 4 for violin and drums. Our violin/string program uses a combination of the Suzuki and other Traditional methods to ensure that students learn the properly read music in addition to learning common repertoire of the instrument. Our young drummers typically will start rudiments and techniques which focus entirely on the snare drum. As drum students progress, the instructor introduces other parts of the drumset.


At age five, students are generally ready to get started in piano lessons and/or beginning voice lessons. There are a number of outstanding piano methods available on the market today such as Music for Little Mozarts, Faber & Faber, Alfred, Bastien, Schaum, Glover just to name a few. When you enroll in piano lessons at the school, our faculty will ask choose the method(s) most appropriate for the needs of the student.


Our 5 year old students enrolling in voice lessons here in New Orleans learn about matching pitches and work on fun, children's repertoire such as "Disney" and others. As the vocal cords are not yet fully developed at this age, great care is taken by our voice instructors not to put undue strain on the students. Students ages 12-adult are ready for full vocal technical training and repertoire.


Our creative movement dance classes are perfect for children ages 3-5. These classes prepare students in basic movements and introduce key concepts and dance terminology that will prepare them for our ballet, hip hop, jazz, and tap dance classes (ages 6-adult).


Guitar lessons may begin as early as age 6 (with a special children's sized guitar). Success at this age is heavily dependent on the finger strength and hand eye coordination skills of the student. Age 8 is a more common starting age for the guitar because of these reasons.


Woodwind/Brass and band instruments such as the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, tuba, etc are generally begun between the ages of 9-10 as all of these instruments require a fair amount of lung capacity and muscle strength in the mouth which is better developed at this time. Typically students begin these instruments after having had a few years of piano, keyboard, violin, or vocal lessons. Coming to any of these instruments from a piano background in particular provides students with a very solid musical foundation and an enhanced ability to get started in the marching band or concert band at school.


Is it Too Late to Get Started in Music Lessons or Dance Classes as an Adult?


Definitely not! We frequently get this question, and the fact is that often times our older students have more time to focus and practice and thus tend to get even more out of their lessons that the younger students because perhaps they really wanted to take lessons when they were younger, but never had the opportunity or time until now! We have many adult music and dance students that take classes with us each week at our New Orleans campus. Our instructors understand that each student has different needs and goals and will customize a lesson plan for you each week to ensure that the lessons are fun and enjoyable!


What are the 5 Things to Consider When Beginning Music Lessons or Dance Classes here in New Orleans?


1.) Take Lessons in a Professional Location / Environment free from distractions commonplace in homes of teachers/students.

2.) Insist on a University Trained and Degreed Instructors.

3.) Private, one on one lessons are almost always the most effective for music lessons. Look for smaller sized dance classes to ensure greater individual student attention.

4.) Ensure that dance classes are taught on a professional, floating floor to reduce the chance of muscle strains, injuries.

5.) Choose music and moves that are interesting to the student and avoid lessons or classes that consist entirely of rudiments and technique. Having fun is key to the long term appreciation for the performing arts, music lessons, and dance classes!


Meet Some of our Music and Dance Instructors and Get Free Lessons below in our Quick Start Lesson Video Series!



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